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Anfyteam  Anfy 2.0 includes 52 Java™ applets, ultimate effects and navigational menu for web sites. Usable also as screensaver. Download Anfy for Windows, Mac, Linux. 

Java-boutique Database met applets.. compleet met tutorials.. revieuws.. een active forum.. etc.

Pikeus Applets All applets here will only work with IE 4, Netscape 4, or above. Class files are contained within jar files for faster display time. Each applet can be downloaded with setup info in zip format for offline reference.

Freeware applets Applets.. wel meer dan 800... maar ook tutorials.. links etc....

Realapplets   What is it that RealApplets does? We give you the opportunity to provide your website's visitors the quality they always wanted. We've got lots of games, security or navigation tools and lots more! And you know what? Customer satisfaction is our primary concern! 

Mandrixx    Zeer mooie site... here, you will find some demo content : my productions (code, music and graphics), some information about me, including my resume, my contributions to the demoscene, some nice photos of my trips, a quickly growing Java section with realtime animated 2d effects (java demos) and java games, and a list of very good links.

Javabase   Leuke applets.. compleet met wizard... handig menu etc....

Anouksweb  Wie kent haar niet ... Noukie.. leuke verzameling applets.. ( maar natuurlijk nog veel meer.... )

Java-archive   Hier vind je java applets voor iedere toepassing.. ( duitstalig )

Gamelan   Heel veel info links... ( wel engelstalig... )

Javaonthebrain Leuke originele applets... uniek in zijn soort...

6sense If you're looking for some of the best free java applets, you've come to the right place. Here you will find some awesome graphics effect applets created to be visually appealing. It's all FREE! All the applets you see on this site can be used for free on any web site. The only limitation is a little mouseover credit link that links back to us. 




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